What should I pay attention to when buying computers on Taobao?

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CPU — Central Processor Unit (Computer Core)
For this choice: multi-core, multi-threading
Multi-core and multi-threaded CPUs (such as 8-core and 16-thread) can bring high efficiency in high-pixel image format conversion and processing.
High main frequency
The main frequency is one aspect of CPU performance. With the same kernel and architecture, higher main frequency can bring higher performance.
Large memory
Cache is a temporary memory located between CPU and memory. It is usually divided into first-level, second-level and third-level caches. Generally speaking, the larger the cache capacity, the more efficient the CPU can exchange large-capacity data.

Memory, the bridge to communicate with CPU, is used to temporarily store the operation data in CPU, the data exchanged by external memory such as hard disk.
Choice: Mainstream DDR3 memory with multiple single memory combinations at high frequencies (determine the type of memory support on your motherboard, pay attention to memory specifications)
Computers with large memory can be used more smoothly.

Graphics card
Selection: High Display Memory Capacity, Configuration of Appropriate Interfaces
[Display Core] The main task of the Display Core (GPU) is to process the video information input by the system and construct and render it.
High resolution display output is directly related to display memory to a certain extent. Large size and high resolution displays require higher memory support, such as over 2GB display.
[Interface] The graphics card will provide the interface for connecting the display, such as HDMI interface, DVI interface, Displayport (DP) interface, etc. When matching with the display, the interface should be considered in order to achieve the best display resolution and display effect.

Currently, high-end graphics cards are expensive, such as Spot ZOTAC/Sauter GTX1080TI, which costs about $1,100.

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High-speed hard disk (part of a computer used for data storage)
Selecting Hard Index of Hard Disk: Capacity, Transmission Speed, Data Security
Hard disks should be stored on small-capacity solid-state hard disks, portable and large-capacity mechanical hard disks

Select the display of IPS material panel. This material is currently a better material, the current mainstream size of 24 inches and 27 inches.


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