Network Vulnerability Assessment Report
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Session name: compex-wanStart Time:16.07.2003 15:08:17
Finish Time:16.07.2003 15:17:52
Elapsed:0 day(s) 00:09:34
Total records generated:3
high severity:1
low severity:2

Summary of scanned hosts

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The remote host is vulnerable to an 'Etherleak' -
the remote ethernet driver seems to leak bits of the
content of the memory of the remote operating system.

Note that an attacker may take advantage of this flaw
only when its target is on the same physical subnet.

See also :
Solution : Contact your vendor for a fix
Risk factor : Serious
CVE : CAN-2003-0001
BID : 6535

The remote host answers to an ICMP timestamp request. This allows an attacker
to know the date which is set on your machine.

This may help him to defeat all your time based authentication protocols.

Solution : filter out the ICMP timestamp requests (13), and the outgoing ICMP
timestamp replies (14).

Risk factor : Low
CVE : CAN-1999-0524

The remote host uses non-random IP IDs, that is, it is
possible to predict the next value of the ip_id field of
the ip packets sent by this host.

An attacker may use this feature to determine if the remote
host sent a packet in reply to another request. This may be
used for portscanning and other things.

Solution : Contact your vendor for a patch
Risk factor : Low