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Opera v.6.01 для Windows

Подтвердается высказанное вчера предположение, что вышедший Build 1039 является официальным релизом популярного браузера от Opera Software.

Change-log (к сожалению пока неофициальный) выглядит довольно внушительно:

  • News search from AllTheWeb added
  • Support for special backward and forward buttons on Internet keyboards and mice
  • Smooth scrolling implemented, but it is off by default and only recommended for fast systems
  • Window size, scrollbars, and progress bar can be turned on and off directly by clicking Apply in Preferences
  • Improved adherence to Reuse existing window
  • Opening Opera with no windows in SDI mode, or clicking the Opera desktop icon, will open a blank page instead of the home page
  • Some focus and tooltip fixes
  • Keyboard shortcut combinations with AltGr disabled in edit fields
  • Fix for proxy authentication
  • Subfolders in e-mail client can now be added
  • Fixes to import of e-mail
  • The Instant messaging client is hidden by default
  • No longer necessary to hold Alt down when dragging a bookmark to a new position
  • Improved memory handling
  • Authenticated URLs are no longer saved in global history
  • Better support for certain printer drivers
  • Clear history of visited links in the Delete private data dialog will now also clear the visited date in bookmarks
  • Updated Mozilla browser identification number to 4.78
  • Warning added for national domain cookies that are set for domains for which no IP address is registered
  • Clear button added to Java console
15:09 09.02.2002
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